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north-west adv : to, toward, or in the northwest [syn: northwest, nor'-west]northwest adj
1 situated in or oriented toward the northwest [syn: northwestern, northwesterly]
2 coming from the northwest; "northwesterly winds" [syn: northwesterly]


1 the northwestern region of the United States [syn: northwestern United States]
2 the compass point midway between north and west; at 315 degrees [syn: nor'-west, NW] adv : to, toward, or in the northwest [syn: north-west, nor'-west]

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From north + west

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  1. The compass point halfway between north and west, bearing 315°, abbreviated as NW.



  1. Towards the northwest, northwestwards, northwestern


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Northwest or north west is the ordinal direction halfway between north and west on a compass. It is the opposite of southeast. Some terms use the word northwest or a variation of it:


North west and north-west

Norwest, nor'west

  • Norwest Bank (now Wells Fargo)
  • The Nor'wester wind and associated Nor'west arch, a weather pattern in southern New Zealand


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Dixie, Dixieland, Down East, East, East Coast, Middle Atlantic, Middle West, NNW, NW, NW by N, NW by W, New England, North, North Central region, Northeast, Northwest, Pacific Northwest, South, Southeast, Southwest, Sunbelt, West, West Coast, Yankeeland, antarctic, arctic, austral, boreal, cardinal points, compass card, compass rose, degrees, east, eastbound, easterly, eastermost, eastern, easternmost, eastland, eastward, half points, hyperborean, lubber line, meridional, north, north-northwest, northbound, northeast, northeasterly, northeastern, northerly, northern, northernmost, northland, northward, northwest by north, northwest by west, northwesterly, northwestern, northwestward, northwestwardly, northwestwards, occident, occidental, orient, oriental, quarter points, rhumb, south, southbound, southeast, southeasterly, southeastern, southerly, southern, southernmost, southward, southwest, southwesterly, southwestern, sunrise, sunset, the Coast, west, westbound, westerly, western, westernmost, westland, westward, wild West
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